Genomic data is monopolized now by the big testing companies who make much of their revenue selling your data.



Our Gene-Chain lets you be the seller, allowing you control and profit.

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How it works

If you have had your DNA tested you may upload your raw DNA data file and create a Gene-Chain profile now.

EncrypGen de-identifies the raw DNA data file by stripping it away from name, email, and other sensitive information. DNA data buyers search Gene-Chain profiles suitable for their projects and purchase de-identified genomic data with DNA tokens.

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Buy DNA tokens to buy DNA data

Bitcoin (BTC), DNA tokens, and soon other cryptocurrencies may be used to purchase genomic data, and other DNA products and health related services in the Gene-Chain Marketplace.

DNA tokens are an ERC-20 based cryptocurrency available on numerous crypto exchanges all over the world and exchangeable for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and several other altcoins.

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